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Gardai seeks to warn the public of Limerick against advance fee fraud. “A number of bogus websites offer unsecured loans and target vulnerable people who have had difficulty obtaining loans from established financial institutions. A person applies for a loan through a website that offers loans that will be processed.Read More →

On August 12, 2021, the Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) announcementa regulationwith an online loan service, resolving allegations that the company engaged in abusive debt collection practices in violation of the AG’s debt collection regulations. After the AG’s office investigated the company, Massachusetts AG alleged that the company, which offers short-termRead More →

The online loan market has intensified over the past 5 years, but many people still only contact their own bank when considering taking out a loan. But is it really the smartest thing to do? Your own bank is not always the cheapestThere is absolutely no guarantee that your ownRead More →