An education for student loan forgiveness critics

I really have to wonder about the individual who concluded that student debt is the result of overly lenient parents “buying for the child whatever he wants” (“Student calls for college debt relief suggest overindulgence by parents”, May 4). What kind of improvident parent would buy everything for their offspring but fail to finance a college education so they had to borrow money?

Student loans are intended to provide higher education to those who cannot afford higher education or to people whose parents are skeptical or indifferent to the merits of higher education. The letter writer seems to think student loans come from the tooth fairy unaware that private bank loans as well as the US Department of Education provide them.

To my knowledge, President Biden has no power to compel private banks to do this. The author also claims that canceling student debt will drive up prices because institutions will be afraid of losing money. Has he been hiding under a rock for 30 years? Institutions of higher learning have increased tuition fees to such an extent that student loans are required for all but the incredibly wealthy.

Even with the price of education at ruinous levels, it still has considerable merit if it protects us from civic and financial ignorance.

—Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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