How to apply for a Digital Credit

This loan can be completed completely online. Existing bank clients can do so via the internet banking or mobile application. New clients can download the bank’s mobile app and apply for a Digital Credit through the app. Even in this case it is not necessary to visit a bank branch. Digital Loan Height: from 500 to 30,000 €

Terms and Conditions for a Digital Credit from Good Finance

Terms and Conditions for a Digital Credit from Good Finance

Digital credit with interest of 5.9% pa for the first 1,000 new clients and free of charge. This is the current offer of Good Finance. You can apply for Digital Credit directly in the Good Finance mobile application without having to visit a branch. Thanks to the Facial Biometrics innovation, the bank will quickly and securely verify you, even if you are not a bank client and you can get credit via mobile for 10 minutes. Just download the application Good Finance.

Get to know the benefits of Good Finance Digital Credit:

  • 5.9% pa rate for the first 1000 new clients who draw credit through the Good Finance application by December 31, 2018 at the latest
  • The possibility of accelerated repayment
  • Loan free of charge
  • Loans from EUR 500 up to EUR 30,000
  • Possibility to return the loan within 14 days free of charge

What documents are needed for the application?

In the case of a new client, a valid ID is sufficient.

Loan Application Process

Loan Application Process

The advantage of Digital Credit is that even a new client has the option to equip the loan completely online. The process is described in detail on the Good Finance website:

1. On the Home screen, select “Become a Client”.

2. Then select the “Digital Loan Application” option.

3. Fill in your basic information and phone number, read and confirm each consent.

4. Once confirmed, we will send you an SMS with a verification code to your phone number.

5. After you have verified your phone number, select and confirm the PIN code to log in to Good Finance in the future.

6. The next step is to scan your ID card. Follow the on-screen instructions. The ID card needs to be scanned from both sides.

7. After the ID card has been scanned, check the personally filled in personal data, correct it if necessary, complete the postcode and confirm.

8. Then, follow your screen instructions to take your face. You will be prompted to track a moving point to securely verify your presence on the device.

9. After successful verification, complete the additional questions on the screen.

10. In the next step, confirm your personal information, confirm your marketing consent, and agree to the identification method.

11. In the next step, you calculate the informative amount of the monthly installment according to the selected loan amount and maturity period.

12. Fill in your personal or additional information and confirm that it is correct.

13. Then select your income type – there is no need to document anything.

14. Model the loan amount and monthly payment that best suits you. Within 2 minutes you will learn the maximum amount of credit that you can get, as well as the interest rate that remains unchanged from now on.

Facial biometrics only at Good Finance. Most innovative technology for identifying people

Facial biometrics only at Good Finance. Most innovative technology for identifying people

How does facial biometry work? It is best written directly on the Good Finance website as follows:

Every human face has several points that are unique to each one of us. Facial biometrics use these points to identify each face perfectly with maximum precision. It is a premium technology built on the highest security you can get to know with Good Finance.

Thanks to the Facial Biometrics innovation, you can now quickly and securely set up an account or apply for a mobile loan at Good Finance anytime, anywhere. To open an account you only need a personal ID card and a facial scan through Face Biometrics and then verify the photo registered by the Ministry of Interior.

If you need more information….

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